Feature film.  A London based Romcom spicing up the genre with a brush past the criminal underworld.  Love Actually meets Out of Sight.  More...

Feature film.  After decades of strimming, pruning and chemical sprays, an army of insects invades the suburban home of a couple baby sitting their grandchildren

Feature film.  A brilliant college graduate solves the mystery of interstellar travel and ignites a futuristic space race for the ultimate battle of the skies

Feature film.  A female trooper in Afghanistan loses her leg trying to save a colleague.  She battles back from post combat distress to take on the ultimate physical challenge, the Ironman triathlon

Feature film.  The last of the vampire line is relentlessly pursued while he tries to shed his past in search of true love

Reality TV.  A group moonlighting as cocktail bartenders, hotel porters and cafe waitresses pull off slick heists to fuel their passion for adrenaline sports.  High concept TV drama featuring a ground breaking reality concept

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